Alex Guarnaschelli

Few American chefs, much less female chefs, can boast leading Michelin-starred restaurants abroad. Chef Alexandra Guarnaschelli can make such a boast, having embarked on a culinary journey in France that saw her working in some of that country’s top restaurants, including esteemed chef Guy Savoy’s eponymous three-star kitchen. Today Guarnaschelli is recognized as one of America’s most accomplished top chefs, acclaimed for her work in the kitchen, as an author, and as a popular television personality.

Guarnaschelli is best known for her Food Network appearances, most often as a judge on Chopped and host of Fix Me a Plate. She also serves as the Executive Chef at Butter, where she has created her own eclectic American and green-market inspired menu, and authored two cookbooks: Old Old-School Comfort Food: The Way I Learned to Cook (2013) and The Home Cook: Recipes to Know by Heart (2017).