Ariel Arce

Ariel Arce (@arcecool) is known as the Champagne Empress of Greenwich Village and Nightlife Hitmaker, behind Tokyo Record Bar, Air’s Champagne Parlor, Niche Niche, and Special Club.Ariel creates dinner parties every night of the week at her New York spots, with a high energy, knowledgable grup of wine and food professionals that are great friends. The atmosphere encourages discovery, conviviality, and human connection. Learning about champagne, wine and caviar is fun, and can be affordable. Ariel published “Better With Bubbles” with Rizzoli last year.

A native New York Yorker, Ariel lives in the same apartment where she grew up in Hell’s Kitchen. Ariel earned her wining and dining stripes at The Office in Chicago, a speakeasy below the renowned Aviary restaurant, and at Pops for Champagne, the “oldest family-operated Champagne bar in America,” before heading back home to New York to serve as wine director for Birds & Bubbles and later Riddling Widow. She is considered a thought leader in the wine industry and a tastemaker in the New York dining and entertainment scenes. Ariel was recently named to Eater’s “New Guard of Power Dining in America.

Ariel spent much of 2020 using her spaces to host chefs who were out of work or “on pause” to host creative pop up evenings for New Yorkers to enjoy the creativity of these chefs and wine professionals, which was an exhausting and thoroughly rewarding experience that only further proved the strength and solidarity of the restaurant community. Ariel’s wine and caviar clubs grew during the pandemic, and Ariel and co launched CaviAIR, a premium,  affordable direct to consumer caviar company, which is currently featured at locations and events in the Hamptons as well as in collaboration with the W Hotels.