Cheetie Kumar

As a child in India, Cheetie was always in kitchen watching and learning from her mother and grandmother. Her family held strongly to their culinary heritage after they settled in the Bronx, NY when she was 8. Immersed in a world of new ethnicities, flavors and traditions, she began connecting the dots between her friends’ and her family’s table.

Time on tour as a guitarist in active rock bands and owning and operating a music venue and cocktail bar has taught her the value of the independent, artistic spirit that informs the entrepreneurial culture in Downtown Raleigh.

The seasonally evolving menus at Garland are created in a refined and thoughtful way and reflect the bounty of NC agriculture and reflect the wide, international perspective of someone who grew up in India, New York City and the South.

She has been semifinalist for James Beard Award’s “Best Chef: Southeast” for the last 3 years.