Raphael Pommier

Raphael Pommier is a 7th generation winemaker at his family’s Rhône Valley estate in southeastern France.

Born and raised in Ardèche, Raphael was initially trained in agricultural engineering. However, he approaches his work more like a composer. By cultivating organically 12 different grape varieties from over 148 acres, he produces a wide range of Côtes du Rhône AOP wines. Using low yields and environment-friendly methods is critical to his approach. Since his goal is to preserve the natural freshness of the grapes. A gastronomy lover and chef at the winery restaurant, Raphael always has food pairings in mind when crafting his red, white and rosé wines. 

Recognized in the industry, Raphael was awarded Best Chef-Winemaker in 2013 at the International Food and Hospitality SIHRA conference. Active in the community, he teaches at his local culinary and hospitality training center where he shares his expertise with the next generation. He also advocates on behalf of local food and specialties for the Ardèche region. Raphael family’s estate has been certified organic since 2007 and he is a member of the National Observatory for Biodiversity.

Raphael loves to work with his wine team as well as with musicians and scientists. His innovative cuvées are rooted in their terroirs and inspired by the arts. He loves the U.S. and shares these passions with his American wife and their 5 children.