Ravi Kapur

Ravi was born in Hawaii to his Hawaiian-Chinese Mother. The flavors of his diversity and upbringing in Hawaii have cultivated his palate, a treasure he draws from to create his unique and delicious food.

In 2010 Ravi became Executive Chef/Partner of Prospect Restaurant and received 4.5 stars from The SF Chronicle. Ravi’s life shifted in 2011 with the birth of his son, and for the first time, he pulled back from the kitchen. The time away led him to a renaissance, as he tapped into the soul of his culinary roots, driven by his heritage.

Liholiho Yacht Club opened in 2015 and was dubbed by The Chronicle as redefining California Cuisine. Ravi became a Food and Wine Magazine’s Best Chef’ and was nominated for Best New Restaurant by James Beard. Good Good Culture Club opened in 2022, inspired by the transformation the Pandemic encouraged and the motivation he saw within his Chef team. With the opening of GGCC came the focus on equity and inclusion. The incorporation of this ethos has been a lifelong pursuit.

Ravi’s restaurants are rooted in his culture. “What could be better than throwing a party allowing you to do what you love?” while caring for people in the process.