Amanda McCrossin

Amanda McCrossin is the Wine Director at PRESS Restaurant in Napa Valley, creator/host of the Instagram and YouTube channel “SOMMVIVANT,” media personality, and wine educator. Having spent years as a sommelier in NYC, Amanda moved to the Napa Valley to work with the world’s largest, deepest restaurant collection of all Napa Valley wines at PRESS under sommelier’s Kelli White and Scott Brenner. In January of 2019 she was named Wine Director and is continuing to carry out the legacy of the world’s greatest Napa Valley wine list. In addition to her full-time role at the restaurant, Amanda produces wine edutainment and digital media content for her social media platforms geared toward both consumers and professionals alike. Amanda is widely regarded as a go-to resource for all things Napa Valley wine and is a frequent speaker, personality, and contributing writer on the topic.