Nick Cho

Nick Cho is best known as an internet content creator who goes by the handle “Your Korean Dad” with over 4 million followers across platforms. His wholesome videos put you in the role of his child as he shares fun experiences, advice of all sorts, and insights into his Korean American family life.

Before being known as a content creator, Nick was renown in the specialty coffee world as an industry expert, entrepreneur, and innovative thought leader. His coffee industry accomplishments include winning barista championships, being the chairperson of the US Barista Championships, helping produce the World Barista Championships, and creating the World Brewers Cup, a manual coffee brewing competition on a global stage. He also co-invented a pourover coffee dripper called the December Dripper and hosted a highly influential coffee industry podcast started in 2005, “The Portafilter Podcast.”

Nick’s coffee and creator journeys have been covered in a large number of publications, with profiles in San Francisco Magazine, Imbibe Magazine, The New York Times, CNN,, NBC’s Today Show, and many more.

He is currently based in Los Angeles where he lives with his partner Kimmie and his two daughters, Madeline and Penelope.